Ama K Hits Back At People Hating Her Ice Bucket Challenge Participation

ama-k-abebreseIt’s not everyone who is happy about filling a bucket with ice and water and pouring it over their head to raise money. Over the past few days, the ALSice bucket challenge has taken over the globe with lightening speed. The challenge has been done by Ex-presidents, movie stars, sports personalities and celebrities in general. Ama K, who was challenged by a lady called Lea who lives in Canada, did her challenge before the 24hr run out. Ever since her actions, she has come under loads of negative response because people see this challenge as a “white-man” thing.

Ama responded via her Facebook page and explained why she took the challenge. She sees nothing wrong with it as she has actually donated to a charity. Read what she has to say below

“It’s been an interesting few days on the world of the internet for me. I never imagined that donating money and taking part in the Ice Bucket Challenge would incite so much hate from internet trolls. I was challenged by a lady called Lea who lives in Canada-pictured- and it was drawn to my attention by Steph- who uploaded it on Instagram and tagged me (as you can see in the pic below).
I accepted the challenge in good faith for the Children’s Heart Foundation Ghana (second picture). I think the Ice Bucket Challenge although started in aid of ALS is a great way to raise money for other charities as well. It’s really about the donation for me. I mustered up the courage and did my challenge within 24 hours and posted it on Instagram (15 seconds max). About 30 minutes later, I posted the video on my Facebook page as well – I stated that I was did the ALS Ice Bucket challenge and will be donating to charity because of my participation. That’s when the internet hate burst on my page in a way I have never witnessed before.
Things like— No one nominated me and I just decided to get attention by nominating myself. Also, I should not have done the Ice BucketChallenge because black people don’t get it ALS (really- like the disease discriminates). So many insults that I will not even repeat. So many people seem to have missed the point. Interestingly there were some who claimed I am jumping on the bandwagon and yet by following thoses who were on my page to bash without knowing the full story; they themselves were jumping on the ‘bashing’ bandwagon. Ohh the irony. Some blogs even went on to write about my challenge in a very negative way- though I can’t say that even shocked me. 
I don’t mind criticism, there is nothing wrong with it, after all constructive critique helps us and the word ‘celebrity’ means you will receive plenty of it but I do not tolerate negativity or hate from anyone. For example;- people say they did not see the ice in my video- I didn’t use cubes, I used crushed ice instead. (So ooops arrest me… He hee).
It would be nice if instead of people coming on my page to spew hate, and tell me who I should donate to or how I should do it- that they did something themselves- for whatever causes or charities that is close to their hearts. 
Some people are very hateful and will use any excuse to spread their hate.
Ohh well…. 

Be blessed y’all.”


Boko Haram Raped My Wife Almost Every Day That I Could Not Raise A Finger Says Man Who Spent 3 Months In Islamist Sect Custody


Alhaji Mustapha Oy­eyinka  is  cursing the day he decided to relocate to Nigeria from Europe where his family has been doing fine. Today, he has not only lost his sight to the insurgents but live with an agonizing memory of seeing his wife raped along with other women almost on a daily basis for three months in one of the camps of the deadly sect in Kaduna State.



Excited about his return to Nigeria, the victim sometime in February 2011 decided to take a trip to Kaduna with his wife, Rachael to attend a wedding ceremony. Unknown to him, that trip will alter his destiny as they ended up in a Boko Haram camp where they spent three horrifying months.


Enraged and bitter, the frustrated 50-year- old Oyeyinka said he has remained in hiding in Lagos since he regained his freedom and refused to tell his story because he was too terrified. He said he decided to open up now because he has made up his mind to return to his base in Spain in Europe where he expects a miracle to regain his sight. In an encounter with Saturday Sun, he told his sordid story.


My story


As a matter of policy, Oyeyinka, who hails from Abeokuta in Ogun State, ensured that he comes home from Europe regularly in an attempt not to forget his roots. “Shortly after my university days, I relocated to Europe in 1988, in search of business opportunities. I was into importation and exportation of goods to and from Europe. I never wanted to forget my root hence I invested in Nigeria. I made it a matter of policy to always return to Nigeria and spend some months.


“As usual, we returned to Nigeria in November 2011 on a long vacation. The plan was to gradually relocate our children down to Nigeria, so that they will not forget their roots. It was also an opportunity to audit our investments and in February 2012, one of my friends invited us over to Kaduna for his wedding.


“I was so excited and my kids pleaded that they wanted to be a part of that trip. I refused because I wanted to use this as an opportunity to hang out with my wife alone. It was also an opportunity to return to the North and see how it had developed. In the early 90s, I used to buy goods from Saudi Arabia and sell them in Ilorin and Kano. I had a lot of friends in Kano.”


According to Alhaji Oyeyinka, his friend made arrangement for a mini bus that will convey them to and from Kaduna. The trip was very smooth till they got to Kaduna. “I do not know the village, but I know that it’s Kaduna because there was a billboard that had the address on it. We ran into a little traffic jam caused by some men who were in military uniform. They were stopping vehicles and searching them. When it got to our turn, they asked us to get down. The driver asked us to relax, as it was a routine.


“I later discovered that the soldiers were not wearing boots and some were smoking. I waved that observation aside since it was in a bush. I assumed that they were tired of wearing boots for hours. Suddenly, there were gunshots; people started lying down on the floor while some were shouting Jesus! Jesus! In a split of seconds, they shot all those who they heard shouting Jesus. It was then that it dawned on me that these were no robbers.”


Terrified and quietly praying for divine intervention, Alhaji Oyeyinka laid on the ground alongside others who survived the shooting. Minutes later, a truck emerged from the bush and they were asked to step into the truck. “We were more than 50 that were packed in the open truck and the rest in another truck. They drove into the bush and at a point stopped and blindfolded everyone. Everyone was silent, except for the loud voice of our captors who kept speaking Arabic language. I am a Muslim scholar, and understand the language  although I cannot speak. I was more terrified wondering if they were Taliban’s. After driving about 50 kilometers, they stopped and asked us to get down from the truck. Our blindfolds were removed.


“We found ourselves in a camp built with mini halls which later turned out to be our detention room. There were so many young men. It was then that they told us in Hausa that they are Boko Harammembers. I don’t understand Hausa, so some of us helped to interpret what they were saying. They collected our phones, and asked us to strip down including the women.


“They asked if there is anyone related to the president or any influential Nigerian. Those who said yes were immediately slaughtered and their bodies taken away. Those who claimed that they were Christians were also killed if they failed to renounce their religion. I told them that I am a practicing Muslim and they asked me if I was ready to kill for Allah. I kept quiet and the leader of the group said that with time I would beg to join them.


“It was then that I said never and one of them hit me on the head with his gun. I fainted and woke up later in an open hall with my hand and feet tied up. We were kept in that room without food until the next day when they came and took all the women out including my wife.


“They returned them two hours later. It was then my wife told me that they were raped by more than five men each. It was terrible, I couldn’t help my wife but I was consoled that she was still alive. Every day, they will come and carry all the women out to be raped and those who did not come back were slaughtered because they resisted. It was terrible knowing that every day different kind of men will forcefully have sex with your wife and you cannot do anything about it.”


He also claimed that they were only fed with beans, once in a day. “Initially, we were only drinking water and a can of juice. It was days later that they announced that food has arrived and asked if there was anyone in our midst that can cook. Two persons volunteered and they were taken to the kitchen every day to prepare beans. It was always half done and the excuse that was given is that they do not have enough firewood to cook beans”.


The escape


Days turned into weeks and weeks into months. Alhaji Oyeyinka, who could barely see again, waited endlessly for a messiah. “Then I had completely lost my sight. The after effect of that gun on my head was blindness. I was lucky that my wife was with me to attend to me if need be. On May 8, 2011, the camp remained deserted because they had gone out to hunt. One of the guards came to our cell and picked the prettiest woman among the women. For fear that his people might see him; he shifted her to the end of the hall and had sex with her there. She was just screaming. While he was at it, we heard the sound of the truck, and he quickly ran out of the hall and forgot to lock the cell. They all jumped into the truck and drove off.


“We waited till everywhere was really quite and took off into the bush. My wife was there to assist me since I could no longer see. We only left a young girl who was too weak behind. She was young and beautiful, so sometime they will come for her more than once in a day. It was a survival of the fittest, so we left her behind.


“We got to a point and a Fulani woman who was fetching firewood asked us to follow her. She took us to their village head where we were given food and clothes. He also made an arrangement for a vehicle to take us to Kaduna town. We took the next bus down to Lagos.”


Plans to regain sight


Ever since, they escaped from Boko Haram camp, Alhaji Oyeyinka is yet to regain his sight. “Initially, I thought that I was still suffering from the after effect of the gun that was hit on my face. I got the shock of my life when I was told that I am permanently blind. I have visited different hospitals in Nigeria and the story is the same. I am not losing hope that I will regain my sight. I will soon travel back to Europe where I hope to get my sight back. I have already started selling off every of my investments. I do not want to have anything to do with Nigeria again. I am telling my story, not for anyone to pity me but to draw the attention of Nigerians who are planning to go to the North to beware”.


Our plight, our destiny— Wife


Collaborating her husband’s story, Mrs. Rachael Oyeyinka who still looks visibly shaken said that it was God that destined that they will survive the abduction. “They took turns to rape all the women. I cannot count the number of times but every day. Some of the women got pregnant, and they were given concoctions to drink and flush it out. So many of the women who resisted were killed. If you are very pretty, they will initially reserve you for their leader. As soon as he gets another replacement, he will push the woman out for general use. It was bad and I remained strong because I had children who still need their mother. Today, my husband is blind but we strongly hope that he will regain his sight.


“I can’t wait to get out of this country. We are based in Spain and because my husband wanted to relocate some of the kids to Nigeria, we returned about three years ago. The plan was for them to go into boarding house, while our relatives will serve as guardians.”


Continuing, she said: “They forced a lot of Christians to denounce their religion. You don’t need anyone to tell you to claim to be a Muslim. This was the only way you can survive.”


Unconfirmed: Police Patrol Team Murder Teenager In Cold, Blood (WARNING Gory Photos)


Ghana Police ServiceThe gruesome murder is reported of a teenager who was shot by a patrol team of the Ghana Police Service.

Hakeem Abubakar, was on the 8th of August, 2014, murdered in cold blood after the police patrol team claimed Hakeem and a friend (Hamza) had snatched a bag from a lady.

It appears the Police Service have been economical with the truth and it is on this note that the family of the late Hakeem Abubakar have petitioned them to be circumspect and release details surrounding the murder of their beloved son.

Below is a copy of the petition lawyers for the family sent to the Police Service

11th August, 2014
The Director-General,
Police Intelligence & Professional Standards Bureau,
National Police Headquarters (Annex),
P.O. Box 116, Asylum Down,

Dear Sir,


We write for and on behalf of MR. ABUBAKAR SALU, our client, of Newtown, Timber Market, Accra and father of the late Hakeem Abubakar.

We are informed that on Friday, the 8th day of August, 2014, in the night, (we are not sure of the exact time), our client’s son, Hakeem Abubakar, and his friend, known as Hamza, were riding a motor cycle and stopped around the Kaokudi junction near Accra Girls Senior High School when they were arrested by a Police Patrol Team after a warning shot.

The two boys were asked to lie down and as they did so they were assaulted and in the process Hakeem Abubakar was shot when he was lying down. These boys, we are informed, showed no resistances
whatsoever to the Police but Hakeem was shot in cold blood.

The other boy known to as Hamza was put into the Patrol vehicle with the motor cycle and driven to the Kotobaabi Police Station and is still in detention. The following day, Saturday, our client while looking for his son spotted the motor cycle at the Kotobaabi Police Station and on enquiries was informed by the Police that the boys had snatched some lady’s bag but one of them had ran away ,and only Hamza was arrested.



When our client spoke to Hamza, he informed him that Hakeem was shot and described and directed him to the spot where the incident took place. Our client went to the spot with his other son and when they went there they saw blood stains on the grass where he was shot but did not see the body of Hakeem.

Hakeem’s body was later traced to the Police Hospital Mortuary on Monday where our client identified the body as his son, Hakeem.
The mortuary attendant informed our dient that the body was brought to the mortuary on the night of Friday, the 8th day of August, 2014 by one Police lnspector S. Baidoo whose mobile number is 0249949022.



Attached is the photocopy of a green card, Ghana Police Hospital Corpse Identification Tag No. 0062463 received from the mortuary attendant.

Other information gathered by our client is the registration number of the suspected Patrol Vehicle is GP 3656, one of Police Patrol Team is called Evans who is suspected to have shot Hakeem. The Police Investigator at Kotobaabi is one Dan.

Our client was again informed by the Kotobaabi Police on Monday that Hamza’s friend, who is Hakeem, had ran away but our client has indentified his son’s body at the Police Hospital Mortuary.

In the premises supra, our client Petitions your Office as a matter of urgency to investigate the death of his son, Hakeem Abubakar, particularly to visit the scene of the incident and see the blood stains on the grass and flowers.

We accordingly Petition your Office to act expeditiously for the truth to be revealed.

Your maximum co-operation is solicited.
Hanson Law Consult



STATEMENT: Ghana Online Writers Association Suspends Publications On Sarkodie – Until Further Notice


Following lobbying efforts by the GhanaOnline Arts Writers Association (GOAWA) against indiscipline in the industry, especially towards the media, GOAWA announces the publication of stories from the camp of BET award winner and Duncwills Entertainment rapper, Sarkodie – until further notice.

The decision is precipitated by the rapper’s recent expression of ungratefulness towards the media and the passage of some comments which we deem as an insult to our profession and us as practitioners.

Efforts are being coordinated with similar Associations/Movements with the common goal of opposing the act of indiscipline in the music industry in Ghana. This is not to claim that the media is untouchable or is a ‘saintly’ institution – we also do get it wrong sometimes and thus welcome constructive criticisms.

However, Sarkodie’s comments in his song titled ‘Free Press’ smacks of gross ungratefulness. In our efforts to put Ghana on the world map in terms of art and culture through our writings online, we also need to make sure we help shape and keep a well disciplined and focused arts industry.

It’s unfortunate this action might affect our ardent readers and his loyal fans alike, but, we strongly feel this action can help in establishing discipline among industrial players and for a better industry for all. We also urge our members to conduct themselves in manners that do not cast aspersions on the media and themselves – as practitioners. Thank you.

(Executive Members)
Ghana Online Arts Writers Association (Goawa)

Jay Foley Reacts To Sarkodie’s #FreePress Mixtape + Read Full Statement Here


Tv and Radio presenter of YFm and 4Syte Tv has given us his “two cents” on the ongoing media against Sarkodie situation. Jay has covered the likes of R2Bees at the BETs. Here’s what he has to say concerning this fiasco.

“Hi Jay Foley, here is an official invitation to you to be part of the MTV-EMA’s 2012 to be held in Germany”
This was the first message I received from the INTERNATIONAL ORGANISATION that invited me to witness the MTV-AWARDS show. It didn’t end there, my professionalism and diligence in executing mycoverage earned me another slot on the red carpet at the 2013 edition of the BET-AWARDS. I must say it was an amazing experience.

I was the only Ghanaian media person accompanied with 3 Nigerians. For whatever reason i was reselected or given the opportunity in the first place, i do believe hard work plays a major part of it. A reason why I partly side with Sarkodie when he spoke about how we manage the industry.
I must first commend a few industry mates for pushing Ghanaian content far enough for it be recognized internationally. I do extend my thankfulness to the other journalist hidden behind the scenes who have pushed content hard enough as well. I wish i could freely point out names, but you know yourselves.

On the other hand, I must say i partly understand Sarkodie’s views on certain issues he raised. Let’s start off with JOURNALISM (RADIO PRESENTERS).

I have identified very few radio and TV personalities that work with a lot of professionalism in their work. But i must say, others are truly nowhere near the future of radio and tv. I am not saying I am the best, but day in day out i learn in the area of expertise and try as much as possible to set my productions on international standards. It’s not an easy task. But the desire and the will power is there and that is key.

When you are given the opportunity to be on the red carpet of such internationally recognised platforms like BET and MTV, your thinking process changes. It’s not SARKODIE’s fault perhaps to return home and get frustrated at some very unprofessional journalists who report wrongly and always criticise without any proper investigations. (CUT n PASTE Journalism). It is the processes used a these international gigs that sets you on a kind of experience that will forever be embedded in your career.
Social media is very powerful and lets bear in mind that everyone including BARAK OBAMA has access to view your tweets and updates. What are you saying about your country Ghana? Are you living the Ghanian dream?
We must push our local brands, our artiste, our products. We need to pay people well, we need to iconize and hail our celebrities, this is the only way to gain international recognition and respect. Bash them when they are wrong but do it with professionalism. It is not easy to be a celeb or famous person and live, eat, dress and talk like your bank account is that of a celeb. lol. My personal experience, “i was buying fuel worth Ghc20 and the attendant laughed and said, jay paaaa, why u dey buy Ghs20?”
lol is it my fault, if I dont earn that HUGE income? ( for those of you in my shoes I am sure you understand)

I met R2bees on the red-carpet at the BET awards and i must say, for you to be seen walking on that red-carpet, then one must have worked EXTREMELY hard to be given a chance to be there.
I humbly ask our leaders and people in very influential positions in the governing body to give showbiz much more attention. I throw a bigger challenge to all my fellow journalists to work harder in this career, radio and tv jockeys, read more, learn more, be more. Let’s set standards so our standards become the international standards that the foreign community will follow. It is not an easy task but we sure will.

If Sarkodie has stepped on toes, maybe he will deserve his punishment. But speaking as media person who has been on similar platforms as Sarkodie, I do get what he is saying. Maybe he expressed his frustrations in a manner that might have offended his fans but someone had to say it.
Together we can make GMA’s, MUSIC VIDEO AWARDS, BASS AWARDS, RADIO n TELEVISION AWARDS etc the best on the planet. It starts from YOU the reader.

My two cents. ‪#‎bemoredog‬ ‪#‎justdoit‬

Breaking News: Tema Gas Explosion – Four Dead


Reports gathered by 233prime reveals that, there has been gas explosion accident at the Valco Estates  in Tema Community 12 .

Four people have reportedly died in the gas explosion.

According to sources, the explosion occurred “while employees at the premises were working.”

At the time of filing this reports, officials of the National Disaster Management Organisation (NADMO) are currently at the venue to deal with the problem and “transfer the victims to the Tema General hospital.”

“There is heavy police presence here to ensure that the problem is tackled,” he added.

I Was Not A Brilliant Student; My Brilliant Qualities Won Awards – LiWin


Arguably the most-popular actor in Ghana now, Kwadwo Nkansah LiWin has disclosed that even though he was not a book-brilliant student in school; he won many awards for his drama group making good use of his brilliant persona and talent while at the Methodist Primary JSS in Kumasi.

He pointed the late John Evans Bosempm aka Santo whose antics on the screen inspired him to becoming an actor. “I loved how he fused jokes with wise sayings; he was a genius and an unusual character. I was very sad when he passed away.”

Reflecting on the many obstacles he encountered throughout his perseverance to fame, “I don’t allow stardom to get into my head, but I keep calm and learn from others because I know where I am coming from.”

“I have gone through a lot before getting here, and if I am making it today, I believe the best thing is to learn more and be on top for a very long time,” Lil Win said in an interview with Sankofa Radio in Virginia, USA.

According to the ‘Made in Agege’ actor, if he didn’t give up during his trail-times to this day; then he is not giving up yet, “I was nobody not too long ago, but look at me now, and I’m here to stay for long on the Ghanaian entertainment scene.”

Speaking to Sankofa Radio during his recent tour on issues pertaining to the perceived tension between Glamour and Kumawood actors, Lil Win rubbished the thoughts indicating that among the over 200 movies he has starred.

“There include some that he worked with the English actors on a very good working relationship with Majid Michel, Van Vicker, Jackie Appiah, among others.

NEWS Of The Day: Mahama Responds To Sarkodie’s Inflation Track

Sarkodie and Mahama

Sarkodie has really “gone hard” on a few people the past week. From the media, and then to the government. It’s very rare to get a president respond to an artiste’s song, except when you are in a dictatorship and the president is not musician friendly. OMG Ghana decided to be satirical on the inflation issue and what better way to get a presidential response by acting as the president on radio. Here’s a response supposedly done by president Mahama during a radio interview with Luv Fm :)

When speaking about Sarkodie, the president of the nation called the BET award winner the most overrated rapper Ghana has even seen.

“I don’t quite understand what he wants to accomplish with his music,” President Mahama said of Sarkodie. “He has some good songs, but he’s at best an average musician. He should focus on music that brings unity and uplifts the spirit of the good people of this country as we experience a short term economy challenge. I must say the song is very funny. He is a genius in that regard, but in the grand scheme of things, i will not consider him a good rapper or a musician at that.”

President Mahama also sent a message to other musicians who are perhaps thinking about following Sarkodie’s footsteps in attacking him in their songs.

“I can’t stop you from doing what you want to do, but be careful with the words you use towards me, after all i am the first gentleman of the great nation and hence deserves a respect at minimum. I am not trying to stop people from exercising their freedom of speech, but in all reality, i do not appreciate disrespect in any form.”