Concur Is Partnering With Airbnb And Uber To Capture A New Breed Of Business Traveler


Business expense and travel management company Concur has announced some new partnerships that should enable users to better manage expenses across a wider range of businesses. Those partnerships, with startups Airbnb and Uber, are designed to put it in a better position as the world of business travel changes.

Integrating with those companies isn’t just about appealing to a new set of business travelers. It’s about getting ahead of the curve as the business travel market begins to catch up to changes already happening in the consumer market.

“If you look at the transformation happening in consumer travel, those things haven’t translated to business travel,” according to Mike Hilton, EVP and GM of Concur. “There’s a disconnect with how companies think and what’s really happening in the travel space.”

On the Airbnb side, Concur partnered with it to help the hospitality capture more of the business market. It’s doing that…

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